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Your retirement planning needs and objectives are of primary importance. How have recent investment market and public health events impacted your plans and your annuities? With Annuity Scope, find out how.

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Annuity Scope is an extension of M&O Marketing, one of the top 10 largest brokerage general agencies in America. If you purchased a fixed annuity policy from an independent, non-captive financial professional, that professional very probably would have had to submit your annuity application through an intermediary such as us.

Since 1976, we have worked with tens of thousands of American retirees who purchased fixed annuity products within their retirement savings. For over 20 years, The Annuity Service Center has been available to help consumers with their questions regarding their fixed annuity products.

With annuity scope™, now is a good time...

  • To update your understanding of your annuity or annuities.
  • To evaluate your annuity cost and performance.
  • To evaluate your present annuity needs and income planning goals.

We appreciate and respect that you already know much about annuities. Growing sales of annuities around the country continues to show that annuities are an important planning component for many retiring and retired individuals and families. From year to year, annuity products continue to see changes in benefits and designs as they adapt to consumer needs and demands as well as market conditions. A periodic evaluation of your annuity is a very good practice and a third-party opinion can be very valuable.

Perhaps you don’t fully understand how your annuity is designed to work for you specifically? Maybe you don’t remember how your particular annuity’s features are meant to help your retirement? Just as technology evolves, it is likely that new options may now be available regarding your annuity.


The purpose of Annuity SCOPE™ is to help annuity owners and the financial professionals who serve them to make well-informed decisions about their future. Annuity SCOPE™ is a third-party annuity evaluation service available only through a small number of financial professionals. Annuity product and marketplace information is accessed through several nationally-renowned and industry-leading information services.

This product research is integrated with the product expertise and experience of Annuity SCOPE™ analysts. Annuity SCOPE™ evaluates the annuity you own based upon annuity statements and other information you can provide. This analysis is specific to your annuity and it enables your financial professional to bring a highly personalized review to your income planning and decision-making.

The sponsor of Annuity SCOPE™ is M&O Marketing, LLC, a national leader in providing practice and product support to independent financial professionals since 1976. Many financial services today are delivered to individuals and families by professionals who are independent and not obligated to specific insurance and/or investment companies. The independent professional can address client needs in their best interest with a choice of solutions from a wide range of carriers and companies.

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